Moore Hall 416
1890 East-West Road
University of Hawai’i at Manoa
Honolulu, HI 96822
(808) 956-2692
(808) 956-2682 (fax)

Cynthia Ning
U.S. Director
Moore Hall 418
(808) 956-2692
(For inquiries regarding Chinese language education and CIs in the US)
Invited workshops and presentations at CIs elsewhere
CI partner institution Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, PRC (June, 2007)
CI at the University of Liege, Belgium (January, 2012)
CI at the Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines (August, 2012) and Part 2
CI at the University of Maryland, MD, US (September, 2012)

Qikeng Li
PRC Director
Burns Hall 3145
(808) 944-7256; 852-8999
(For inquiries regarding evening/weekend classes, the HSK exam, and the Chinese Bridge programs)

Jialin (Sunny) Sun
Project Coordinator
Moore Hall 417
(808) 956-2663
(For inquiries regarding the Chinese Language Teacher Education program,
teacher-training workshops, and the Summer Student/Teacher Training Institutes)

ZHA Yunyun