Chinese Language Teacher Education

The Chinese Language Teacher Education program (CLTE) is specifically designed and dedicated to meet the high demand of teaching Chinese in Hawai’i and beyond, and to assist Chinese language teachers to become highly qualified in the field of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

Fundamental training for teaching Chinese
This program provides teacher trainees short-term workshops, seminars, or institutes held on weekends or during school breaks focusing on fundamental concept and problem-solving skills in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. In these sessions, we provide extensive assistance and training in areas like specific pedagogy for teaching Chinese extending through K-12; curriculum design and material selection; literature and cultural integration in language teaching; classroom management; and proficiency testing/assessment approaches.
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Current Workshops/Seminars(click here to see all session videos and handouts)

- Hawaii Chinese Language Teachers Forum. January 29, 2011 (UHM-CI Introduction)

– The 25th Annual Hawaii Association of Language Teachers Conference. March 5, 2011 (info)

– 2011 STARTALK Teacher Training Institute. July 1 to July 24, 2011 (please see STARTALK page for details)

– Spring 2011 Chinese Language Teacher Training Workshops.  Flyer & Form

Chinese Language Content Courses
This list consists a series of five courses constituting core content requirements for foreign/heritage languages. These meet the latest teacher standards promulgated by the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). This sequence of courses can be completed in two semesters, and includes provision for classroom-based practice teaching, in collaboration with professional Chinese language teachers in private and public schools.

– Chinese Sector at the UHM’s East Asian Language and Literature Department:

Core Content Requirements Suggested Courses Credits
1 advanced L2*-specific linguistics course CHN 451 or CHN 452 3
1 advanced L2*-specific sociolinguistics course CHN 455 3
1 advanced language/culture course CHN 470 3
1 advanced literature course CHN 485, CHN 486, CHN 487, CHN 491, CHN 650,
CHN 612, CHN 611D
1 L2*-specific language pedagogy course CHN 643 or STARTALK summer institute (summer only) 3

*L2 = Second language

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (Licensure)
This State licensure program (total 36 credits) is under the supervision of the College of Education’s Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Secondary Education (PBCSE) program. It is a field-based program of interrelated courses approved by the Hawaii Teachers Standard Board for teacher licensure and meets the accreditation requirements of the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

– College of Education Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program:

– Hawaii Teacher Standards Baord:

Professional Education Requirements (18 credits)

Course Name Course title Credits
ITE 401 Introduction to Teaching 3
EDEF 610 Foundations of American Education 3
EDEP 631 Adolescent Psychology 3
ITE 404J
(co-requisite ITE 402J)
Teaching in the Subject Field 3
ITE 402J
(co-requisite ITE 404J)
Teaching Practicum 3
SPED 445 Educating Exceptional Students in Regular Classrooms – Secondary 3

AND Multicultural Education (3 credits, choose one course)

Course Name Course title Credits
ITE 440 Curriculum Implications of Multicultural Education 3
or SLS 380 or SLS 660 or L2-specific sociolinguistics course from the Chinese Language Content Courses list Bilingual Education / Sociolinguistics 3

AND Educational Technology (3 credits, choose one course)

Course Name Course title Credits
ETEC 414 Media in Education 3
or ETEC 442 Computers in Education 3
or ETEC 448 Technology Links to Learning 3
or SLS 418 Instructional Media 3

AND Practicum (12 credits)

Course Name Course title Credits
ITE 405D
(co-requisite ITE 406D)
Teaching Residency 9
ITE 406D
(co-requisite ITE 405D)
Seminar 3

Additional Resources for Chinese teachers

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- Chinese Language Teacher Association:

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– Encounters, Chinese language and Culture:

- “Read Chinese”:


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