Information for Teachers

Ten Chinese language teachers (either experienced or new to the field) who are interested in observing and teaching according to standards-, performance-, and task-based principles are selected to participate in the camp. A three-day preparation workshop is the lead-off to introduce participants to the principles of a standards-based curriculum, as well as to available resources to teach following such a curriculum.

Once the concurrent student camp begins, teachers observe and participate in all scheduled activities, as the institute’s lead instructors demonstrate a variety of teaching approaches. All instruction is followed by critique and friendly feedback. After the first week of instruction, institute participants are invited to teach selected modules together with or in place of the lead instructors. By the last week of the Institute, participants are in charge of all instruction—lead instructors serve as guides and consultants. Daily summative feedback sessions allow for on-going reflection.

Participating teachers will be able to articulate the basic principles of standards-based instruction, as well as demonstrate some implementation of this approach in their teaching.

2015 Application packet includes —
Program Application Form
Program Consent Form
Media Release Form
One or two Letter of Recommendation
(provided by current school supervisor or administrator)
(application has been closed)

Completed application packet should be MAILED to:
JiaLin Sun (Sunny)
Center for Chinese Studies/Confucius Institute
University of Hawaii at Manoa
1890 East-West Rd. Moore Hall #417
Honolulu, HI, 96822
Office: (808) 956-2663

*please DO NOT fax or email your application packet; an application will not be considered or reviewed unless completed.

Academic Credits
Three graduate level credits are available to teachers with a bachelor’s degree. For those who are interested in inquiring these credits, a separate application and administrative fee is required through the UHM Outreach College.

For detailed information and application, please see Outreach College’s website (
Course tital and number is ASAN 699 Directed Research (V): Individual problems and research (3 credits).
For questions, please contact —
Alan Hunley
Outreach College Summer Scholar Program
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Office: (808) 956-3411


Note: Please DO NOT contact Allan until you have been accepted as a teacher participant and have received our acceptance packet.