2012 Chinese New Year Celebration Performance

To celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, CI-UHM welcomes three delegations to Honolulu:
The students and faculty of the Zhejiang Normal University performing arts troupe, a delegation of professional xiangsheng (comic cross-talk) performers including noted teacher Ding Guangquan and his most famous student Dashan (Mark Rowswell), and the duo of national-calibre jinju performers Sun Ping and Ye Jinsen.
All three groups will perform in a gala on Saturday, January 28, 6:30-8:30 pm, at Bakken Auditorium on the campus of the Mid-Pacific Institute (next to UH).
On Wednesday, February 1, Dashan (Mark Rowswell) will give a public lecture titled “Comedy in the Chinese Cultural Sphere” at noon, in the auditorium of the Center for Korean Studies.
On Thursday, February 2, the xiangsheng delegation will lead a workshop for students and teachers, called “Sound like a Beijinger by learning and practicing Xiangsheng.”

Xiangsheng workshop

performance flyer

Dashan’s lecture