Distinguished Lectures/Awards

Ken Pomeranz

Lecture on 9/24/2012

Lecture on 9/25/2012

Deborah Fallows

Talk #1

Talk #2

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Hands Percussion Group – Artistic Director: Bernard Goh

“Creativity & Chinese Drumming in 21st Century Malaysia”

Liam Kelley

“The Tang-Song Localist Turn, Anomaly Accounts (zhiguai), and the Medieval Creation of a Viet Identity”

Richard R. Day

“Extensive Reading: Helping L2 Learners Become Readers”

Christian Peterson

Kin, Crafts and Co-residence in Neoliothic North China (7000-2800 BC)

Roger T. Ames

“Confucian Role Ethics: Does Blind Justice Need Moral Imagination?”

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Chin-t’ang Lo



Laozi and Daoism

Howie Snyder

Comedian/Film Director


“My Beijing Birthday”

Shai Oster

China Correspondent for The Wall Street Journal

Spilled Milk: China’s Melamine Scandal and Its Implications for China’s Future

The Legacy of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Frederick Lau

CCS Faculty

Associate Professor, Music

Director, Center for Chinese Studies

“Music, Performance Practice, and Ideology of the Chinese Seven-stringed Zither Guqin”

Guqin: The Chinese Zither

Honorable XU Jialu

Vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and
Dean of the College of Chinese Language and Culture at Beijing Normal University

“Chinese Traditional Culture”

Wang Renyuan  汪人元

Deputy General Director Jiangsu Province Department of Culture

“Starting with UH’s non-Chinese-Language Jingju Productions and Arriving at the Spirit of Mei Lanfang-Style Art”

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Peter Hessler



James Frankel

“The Search for Allah’s Name”

Yue Meiti

“The Art of Kunqu (Kun Opera) Performance”

Vice Minister Wu Qidi

Ministry of Education, PRC

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Randall Peerenboom

Professor of Law, LaTrobe University, Melbourne

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Jerome A. Cohen – Distinguished Teacher Award – 2010

“Half a Century of U.S.–China Relations: Some Personal Experiences”

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John DeFrancis - Distinguished Teacher Award – 2007

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