Teaching Approaches

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Stephen Krashen

“Six questions about language acquisition and language teaching, and six answers”

“Three issues in language literacy development”

J.D. Brown

Second Language Studies, April 10, 2010, gives a 2-hour workshop on “What Every Teacher Should Know About Classroom Testing.”

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Helena Curtain

“Accountability to Learners”

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Richard Day

Second Language Studies, May, 2009, comments on the value of extended reading.

Kristin Hayden

Founder and executive director of One World Now! in Seattle, gives a motivational and instructional talk

to a gathering of school administrators and principals in Honolulu on March 15, 2010.

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Mimi Met

National Foreign Language Center, March, 2009, gives a full-day workshop on “Cooperative Learning Activities.”

1. Characteristics of Pair & Group Work

2. Think Pair Share

3. Roundtable

4. Corners, Clusters, Line-ups, Inside-outside Circles

5. Interviews, Managing Group Work, Assessing Performance

John Norris

Second Language Studies, May, 2009, comments on principles that language educators should keep in mind.

Lourdes Ortega

Second Language Studies, May, 2009, comments on balancing accuracy and communication.

Richard Schmidt

Second Language Studies, May, 2009, comments on recent studies on second language acquisition.

Jinlan Zhou

Effective Methods and Resources of Teaching Pinyin (in Chinese)

Ding Anqi

Make Your Class More Vivid: Teaching Chinese with Modern Technology

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